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2018 Promotions

We are pleased to announce the following promotions:

  • David Heinzerling to Principal 
  • Dove Feng to Senior Engineer
  • Reece Kiriu to Senior Engineer
  • Christopher Hughes to Senior Designer
David Heinzerling, PE 
David joined Taylor Engineering in 2013 as a mechanical designer, with a diverse background in building science research, math and science education, and software development. Diving into large projects from the beginning, David cut his HVAC design teeth on the SFMOMA expansion project and is most recently the lead HVAC design engineer on the 2.1 million sf high-rise Oceanwide Center. He has experience in a wide variety of project types, including office buildings, laboratories, cultural buildings, and high-rise residential. He also has expertise in many areas of HVAC research and analysis, including indoor environmental quality monitoring, chiller plant optimization, waterside and airside economizer analysis, and life-cycle cost equipment selection. He is passionate about occupant-focused design and is an active voting member of ASHRAE Standard 55 (Thermal Comfort) where he recently co-authored an important addendum on capturing the effects of solar radiation on occupant thermal comfort. David received his bachelor’s degrees from The University of Texas at Austin and master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.
David joins the firm’s five other principals: Steve Taylor, Glenn Friedman, Reinhard Seidl, Jeff Stein, and Hwakong Cheng.
Jingjuan (Dove) Feng, PhD, PE 
Senior Engineer 
During her three years at Taylor Engineering, Ms. Feng has worked on a wide variety of design projects, including commercial office buildings, laboratories, schools, and parking garages. She has also developed expertise in code compliance analysis and complex system control optimization. Additionally, Dove has leveraged her past dissertation work at UC Berkeley, participating in research on radiant systems and providing guidance on design approaches and cost effectiveness of the systems. Dove is an active ASHRAE member who is heavily involved in committee work, knowledge transfer activities, handbook editing and new research development.  
Reece Kiriu, PE 
Senior Engineer 
During his two years at Taylor Engineering, Mr. Kiriu has developed expertise in specifying building automation systems, developing sequences of operations, and commissioning. His experience in building automation system design and commissioning spans mission critical facilities, central plants, museums and large office buildings. Reece leverages his previous experience as a building automation systems contractor to make cost effective, energy efficient and practical design decisions. 
Christopher Hughes 
Senior Designer 
In his first year with Taylor Engineering, Chris Hughes has focused on designing and commissioning numerous high performing buildings. His work includes HVAC and automation design and commissioning for new and existing office buildings, high-rise residential, data centers, vivariums, laboratories, and campus central plants. Chris strives to solve the technical challenges of designing and operating high performing buildings in ways that are practical, efficient, and effective for the client while also benefiting our community and environment.