Taylor Engineering has extensive experience in HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Sprinkler systems design and construction for large commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. All Taylor Engineering employees have contracting or field experience, which ensures that our designs are practical, complete, well-coordinated, and on budget. Key projects include the Oakland Cathedral, Gap Headquarters in San Francisco, Symantec offices and data center in Culver City, State Central Plant Upgrade in Sacramento, the UC Merced Classroom Building in Merced, Stauffer Laboratories and Pixar II in Emeryville. We are renowned for our expertise in data centers, underfloor air distribution systems, and central plants.


Our in-depth control systems design and commissioning experience is unique among consulting engineering firms. Employees have factory training in DDC controls, and we routinely integrate control system commissioning and diagnostics into our services. Projects include campus-wide energy management system design for UC Merced and San Francisco State University. We annually teach a UC Berkeley Extension Service class on HVAC system controls, authored the ASHRAE controls textbook Fundamentals of HVAC Controls, and co-wrote the ASHRAE Guideline 13 Specifying DDC Systems.


With experience both as design engineers and former design/build contractors, Taylor Engineering is uniquely qualified to serve as an owner’s representative in the selection and oversight of design/build mechanical, plumbing and fire protection contractors. Services include performance specifications, design review, and thorough coordination to ensure that systems interface properly with other trades.


Taylor Engineering served as energy consultants for several showcase green building projects including the Ridgehaven Green Building in San Diego, two PGE ACT2 super-efficient demonstration projects, and Capitol Area East End Office Buildings in Sacramento. TE staff were primary authors of the HVAC sections of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and California’s Title 24 Energy Standards. The firm is well known for its expertise in energy modeling using DOE-2 and eQUEST for predicting energy performance in green building design and performance contracting. Staff contributed to ASHRAE’s Green Guide and are voting members on committees developing ASHRAE’s Green Building Standard 189 and IAPMO’s Green Building Code.


Mr. Taylor is a past chair of the committee revising ASHRAE Standard 62 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, considered the “bible” of IAQ and incorporated into most state building codes. He was a primary author of California’s Title 24 Ventilation Standards and is a member of the USGBC LEED Environmental Quality Technical Advisory Group.


With a hands-on background in HVAC system and controls design and construction, Taylor Engineering is uniquely qualified to take the lead role in system commissioning. Commissioning projects include ASHRAE’s Atlanta headquarters building, Symantec’s Arizona Data Center, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Building Performance Assurance project, Capitol Area East End Complex, IBM San Jose chiller plant, and the UC Merced campus. Mr. Seidl is a Chair of ASHRAE’s committee for Standard 202, Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems.

For a brief tutorial regarding the System Manuals created for our commissioning projects, please see the linked 3-minute tutorial. (MP4, WMV)