Taylor Engineering provides these 10 tutorials with the intent to help contractors understand our functional performance test scripts and save time and budget spent testing. Following this guideline will expedite the functional performance testing process while ensuring thorough documentation.

*The preferred resolution for watching these videos is 1080p. After following a link to a video, please change the quality setting under in the bottom right of the viewer to 1080p as shown in the following image.

1. Introduction
What functional performance testing scripts are, why Excel, and how to start reviewing and completing our FPT script document. (Viewing time* 04:51, 109 MB)

2. Overview Instructions and Table of Contents
An overview of the Excel document and the details of the first two summary tabs. (Viewing time* 05:42, 158 MB)

3. Technician Testing Log and FPT Progress Tracking Log
The details of the third and fourth summary tabs. (Viewing time* 05:52, 116 MB)

4. FPT Script Tabs
The scope of what a typical FPT script is intended to test. (Viewing time* 03:26, 68 MB)

5. Equipment Testing Sequences
The details of a typical FPT script tab. (Viewing time* 07:02, 211 MB)

6. Important Considerations when Testing
Notes to keep in mind account when performing functional tests. (Viewing time* 03:44, 109 MB)

7. Following Equipment Testing Sequences - Example 1
A first and simpler example on how to perform a test using our FPT script document featuring alternate testing methods. (Viewing time* 07:18, 170 MB)

8. Following Equipment Testing Sequences - Example 2
A second and more complex example on how to perform a test using our FPT script document featuring simultaneous testing. (Viewing time* 04:44, 123 MB)

9. Setting up BoxSync and Uploading Screenshots to Box **
How to set up Box and BoxSync to expedite filing and sharing screenshots. (Viewing time* 05:06, 64 MB)

10. Taking and Naming Screenshots Quickly with ShareX
How to setup ShareX and take, name, and upload screenshots in under 10 seconds for free. (Viewing time* 04:27, 72 MB)

*Viewing time are shown at normal viewing speeds.  You can change speed by changing the settings at the bottom right of the screen after following the video link.
**Note: Box Sync is used in the training video. This is being replaced by Box Drive. Either client will allow you to work as shown in the video.

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