Taylor Engineering staff members have been active in the development of codes and standards including:

  • Energy Standards (Title 24, ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1 and 90.4 and others)
  • IAQ Standards (Title 24 and ASHRAE Standard 62.1)
  • Green Building Standards (LEED® and ASHRAE's Standard 189)
  • The Uniform Mechanical Code and International Mechanical Code
  • Refrigeration Codes (ASHRAE Standard 15)
  • Load Calculations (ASHRAE Standard 183)
  • Thermal Comfort (ASHRAE Standard 55)
  • VAV Boxes (ASHRAE Standard 130 and 195)
  • Controls Standards (ASHRAE GPC-36)
  • Economizers (ASHRAE Guideline 16)
  • Commissioning (ASHRAE Standard 202)
  • Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings (ASHRAE Standard 100)
  • Boilers (ASHRAE Standard 155P)


Taylor Engineering staff have served as the lead researchers and authors for major revisions to every version of Title 24 from 1988 through 2019. Here are some examples of our recent work on Title 24.

California Title 24 2019

  • Lead author for major revisions to the sections on Transfer Air for Exhaust Air Makeup, Demand Controlled Ventilation, and Occupant Sensor Ventilation Requirements . Download

California Title 24 2016

  • Lead author for new section on Window Switches . Download

California Title 24 2013

  • Lead author for new sections on Computer Rooms / Data Centers Download , Laboratories Download and Commercial Kitchens Download .
  • Lead author for major revisions to the sections on Integrated Economizers, and VAV for Single Zone Units Download ,
  • Lead author for the completely revised ACM performance compliance modeling rules Download.
  • Presentation on HVAC and Process Requirements in Adobe Acrobat (16.1 MBytes) Download

Other resources

  • Research from Iowa Energy Center on Sensors: Download
  • Proposal comparing CMC and Title 24 Ventilation Requirements: Download